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NEW $100 Bill . . . Thought this might be good information for each of you, since we’re all likely to see one of them this year.   The new $100 bill has some neat little tricks up it’s sleeve to make it hard to counterfeit and easy to recognize.   Become aware of all it’s characteristics and no one will be able to fool you.   Web site below.

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WWW.TOPTENREVIEWS.COM . . . Where to find reliable information on credit card services, banks, software, electronics, web services, mobile services, appliances, auto technologies, science technologies, small business and more.  They don’t have an ax to grind, they are just information.  I’ve found it to be very useful in making an informed decision.   Joyce Chriscoe

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CRAFT SHOW MANAGERS. . . Here’s the information I’ll need about your show for this list.  Show date, name of show, location (address & city), hours of operation, set up time, cost, space size, electric available, juried or not, point of contact with phone, email and web site if possible.   Joyce
Email to

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Want additional information on great shows in your specialty, arts & craft shows, show ratings, places to buy things for your business and more, subscribe to Craftmaster News.   Their phone is 800-871-2341, or on-line at   If you do subscribe, please reference our subscription number #27371, and we’ll get a free month.  It’s a fabulous resource for ANY new or seasoned vendor.  I highly recommend it.   Joyce C.

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Small Batch Manufacturers and Third Party Testing

The Basics

Generally, all manufacturers of children’s products must have their children’s products third party tested and certified as compliant with applicable children’s product safety rules.

What is the Small Batch Manufacturers Registry?

The Small Batch Manufacturers Registry is the online mechanism by which Small Batch Manufacturers can identify themselves to obtain relief from certain third party testing requirements for children’s products. To register as a Small Batch Manufacturer, an applicant must attest that it satisfies two threshold requirements. First, it must attest that its total gross revenue from the prior calendar year (e.g., calendar year 2011 sales to qualify for calendar year 2012) from the sale of all consumer products is $1 million or less. Second, it must attest that it manufactured no more than 7,500 units of the covered product that qualifies the Small Batch Manufacturer for registration.

Are small batch manufacturers currently required to third party test their children’s products in order to certify compliance to applicable regulations?

It depends on the children’s product and the materials used to manufacture that children’s product.

Small batch manufacturers will ALWAYS be required to third party test for compliance with certain children’s product safety rules (listed in group A, at the bottom of this page).

Qualifying small batch manufacturers are NOT required to third party test for compliance with certain other children’s product safety rules (Group B, at the bottom of this page). Note, however, that all manufacturers, even those that are small batch manufacturers, must ensure that their children’s products are in compliance with the underlying children’s product safety rules in Group B and issue a general certificate of conformity (GCC).

Must a qualifying Small Batch Manufacturer register with the CPSC to avoid the requirements of third party testing for the children’s product safety rules listed in Group B?

Yes. Registration will be required every year. For calendar year 2012, we anticipate that registration will open in December 2011. More details will be released when the registry becomes available, but there will be plenty of time to register, and qualifying Small Batch Manufacturers will not need to third party test Group B products in the interim, including those products currently subject to stays on third party testing and certification that will lift on January 1, 2012.

What are the benefits of registering now in the CPSC’s Small Batch Manufacturers Registry?

Qualifying Small Batch Manufacturers that register now with the CPSC will benefit in a number of ways. After registering, qualifying Small Batch Manufacturers will not be required to third party test for the children’s product safety rules in Group B until the Commission has provided either an alternative testing requirement or an exemption. In addition, registration will allow companies to document that they are entitled to such relief. A registered small batch manufacturer whose business information is published in the Small Batch Manufacturers Registry will be able to direct retailers to the CPSC website for immediate and easy confirmation of the company’s status as a qualifying Small Batch Manufacturer. Through this process, retailers, in turn, will be able to avoid fraudulent claims of exemption.

Will the name of all registered small batch manufacturers be published in the Small Batch Manufacturers Registry?

The business name, city, and state of a registered small batch manufacturer will be made available to the public, unless, within fifteen calendar days of registration, a business provides CPSC with written notification pursuant to section 6 of the Consumer Product Safety Act. For more information on what this written notification must contain, please click here.

Where can I learn more?

This page serves as the primary resource page for all information related to the third party testing obligations of small batch manufacturers. Please bookmark the page, and check back soon for additional information and guidance.


Small batch manufacturers must alwaysthird party test for the following children’s product safety rules (Group A):

Qualifying small batch manufacturers registered with the Commission are NOT required to third party test for the following children’s product safety rules (Group B):

With respect to Group B, qualifying small batch manufacturers will need to ensure that the products comply with those regulations and issue a general certificate of conformity (GCC).

Further questionsPlease see our list of frequently asked questions below. You may also wish to consult our Small Business Ombudsman if you have further questions.

Home Cookin’ . . . Many thanks to my good friend, Peggy Griffith, for alerting us to this AZ law change.   If you like to make baked goods, jams & jellies and other stuff and sell them at A/C shows or other locations, you soon be able to lawfully do it from your own kitchen.   Peggy has been taking the course, and she said it isn’t easy, but definitely doable.    Check out this web site for the info.

TAXES. . . Help your bottom line out next year by keeping track of any driving miles for your business.  At the end of 2011, you’ll be able to legally claim 50 cents per mile, but the key is maintaining a clear record.  

Definition of JURIED SHOWS. . . A juried showis one that accepts only hand made crafts/art work and does notaccept manufactured or representative groups.  If you don’t make your own stuff, or a preponderance of it, you won’t be accepted in a juried show.  Managers of a juried show usually (or should) ration the number of spaces for any one discipline.  Too much of anything is unfair to the vendor and the public as well.  They usually request photos of your products and booth, so be prepared.

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FABRIC SOURCES . . . Retail and Wholesale


                                                 WHOLESALE SOURCES

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SEDONA . . . If you’re planning to do shows this year in Sedona, be aware that they now have their own city  TPT program.  It will cost you $25 per year for the privilege.   Check their web site at or or you can email them at


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