Welcome Aboard Letter

Hi . . . Our group is called the Arizona Crafters and Artisans (ACA), formerly the Flagstaff Crafters and Artisans (FCA) .    What started as a local group sharing information about Flagstaff area shows has grown into a statewide network of 870+ crafters & artisans . . . plus about 100 show managers.

I receive information from show managers and ACA members about shows. Then I verify and get any additional information we might need and update our blog. You contact the POC (Point of Contact) listed. If you hear something about a show, and don’t see it on this site, please let me know. If you meet a vendor who doesn’t know about the ACA, tell them and give them my contact information too.

If you don’t already have your AZ Transaction Privilege Tax Sales License (TPT), you’ll need one. As of 2011, it costs $40.00. You can download the application and even file on line at http://www.aztaxes.gov or call 800-634-6494 or 602-542-4576.

Many AZ cities have a separate TPT business license requirement, and Flagstaff is one of those.  As of 2011, it costs $46.00. Just go to City Hall on Aspen Ave, or call 928-779-7614.   Flagstaff also offers a one day, free seminar with reps from state, local and fed to help you understand all aspects of the tax forms and your benefits . . . which are many, now that you are a business owner. I took this class and it was invaluable.   Check to see if your home town has a TPT license requirement.

Once you have your AZ state tax license, you can buy products wholesale, saving you bundles of money.   If you want to buy something wholesale, but the quantity is more than you can use, let me know all the particulars and I’ll post it.   You may find several people who also want to buy wholesale but couldn’t for the very same reason. Power in numbers.   Another suggestion is to ask the parent company if they have local distributors who offer their products wholesale.   Many do.

Something else that might be helpful to you. We exchange informational emails and in the past have collected information from members about specific subjects.   These subjects include Credit Card Service, Business Insurance, banks that offer free business checking accounts (both Flagstaff & the valley), sources for display furniture, Sources for Ribbon, Bias Tape, Velcro and tons of fabric sources.    You’ll find info on this under newsy information.

We buy and sell A/C supplies, canopies and display items from each other, and alert our membership of really bad AND really good shows.   This is our Classified Ad section.

VERY IMPORTANT . . . Many people love to Twitter and Facebook, they love to do chain letters that are forwarded from one group of people to the next to the next.   I do not want, need or appreciate any of these so please refrain.

If you want more show information for AZ and other states, I highly recommend Craftmaster News @ http://www.craftmasternews.com, or info@craftmasternews.com.   If you get a subscription, please tell them I referred you. Our subscription number is 27371.    The ACA will get a free month which benefits everyone.

Lastly, because of the large number of ACA members, I have THREE different email addresses.. You should include both in your address book so your server will recognize me when I send stuff to you. These are: jchriscoe@netzero.com and joycechriscoe@gmail.com, and AZFCA@outlook.com

Again, welcome to the ACA and see you at the shows.     Joyce


One response to “Welcome Aboard Letter

  1. Hi Joyce,

    I would like to join ACA. I currently exhibit at the Gilbert Art Walk. I am an author with 11 books and counting.

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